I am a candidate in the municipal elections in Vantaa at number 196.

Society and the Nationl Coalition Party now need people who know how to discuss, face, and constructively agree on common issues. The task is not easy. However, nothing will change if nothing is changed. This applies to municipal policy, the development of common problems, and life in general. We need agents of change who commit themselves to find and producing solutions instead of unfounded criticism. No one changes the world alone, and therefore the skill of cooperation and negotiation is emphasized. The municipality especially needs the ability to meet, as the city takes care of people’s affairs. What do you want it to look like in Vantaa?


With my work, life, and education experience, I have credibility as a creator of the future. I have 25 years of experience in international sales in a family business focused on shipping customers and tax-free trade.

I have extensive experience in wholesale both internationally and domestically, operational planning, and import and export operations. With international trade and a diverse clientele, I have the skill to build bridges in a spirit of dialogue, negotiation, and cooperation.

I have lived in Vantaa for the last 15 years, and initially, I come from Kotka. I also have international experience in student exchange, as I spent a 2019 semester in the United States at Murray State University in Kentucky. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration (2020). In addition to this, I completed 30 ECTS in Food Export Training in 2020, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I am currently studying at the University of Vaasa in the International Business (MIB) Master’s program, which develops competence in three key areas of international business: global strategies in a digitalised world, global marketing and entrepreneurship, and leading people in a global business environment.

In addition to studying, I actively play sports. I am also interested in photography and travel, among other things. I like to explore new places because there is plenty to explore in the world. However, home is where the heart is. I have it on the right.

Why am I a candidate?

Vantaa for everyone

Vantaa must be a city with space to live and breathe. The city must be built listening to the residents, where everyone can have fun, enjoy nature and sports. Vantaa is also the most multicultural city in Finland, which can be seen as a great resource and wealth. Vantaa must actively utilize the know-how of residents from different languages and cultural backgrounds.

Entrepreneur friendly city

Vantaa must be an entrepreneur-friendly city that is a reliable and desirable partner. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and as an entrepreneur’s spouse, I have a good understanding of the everyday life of small entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurial friendliness can be increased, e.g., facilitating licensing and dividing procurement into smaller parts. Smaller companies must also be able to participate in larger tenders. The criteria of the procurement act must be extended so that the low-cost one alone does not get the most significant value in tenders. For example, the lowest price offered may not be cheaper for the municipality, as any economic benefits in the form of tax revenue will not be obtained if the order goes to a foreign company. It would also be entrepreneur-friendly to make it easier to hire your first employee.

A city worthy of children

The city’s competitiveness is also significantly affected by early childhood education, as the basis for the growth of a child’s humanity and the basis for learning is laid at pre-school age. Early childhood education is a child’s right, and all children should have access to early childhood education provided by qualified and trained staff. The city must be able to influence personnel working and salary conditions better than at present if Vantaa intends to get educated personnel to work in the future.

Only quality early childhood education is effective, and it is early childhood education that is an opportunity for society to prevent exclusion and inequality, this is also stated in the study: ”Every dollar spent on early childhood education brings back more than what investment in older children or adults brings.”

Health and joy of life from exercise

Too few people move around enough for their health. Intensify Vantaa’s efforts to promote mobility by increasing physical activity in early childhood education and school days. The needs of older people in promoting mobility will also be taken into account. The city should add quality fitness equipment to playgrounds so the whole family can enjoy the joy of exercise at the same time. Vantaa’s outdoor sports facilities and cooperation with private sports facility construction projects should also be continuously developed.

Things are achieved not just by talking but by doing. Extensive expertise and cooperation between different actors are needed to deal with common issues. To decide on everyday matters, we need people who know how to discuss, face and constructively reconcile common issues. We need change agents who commit to action, finding solutions, and producing them. However, nothing will change if nothing is changed. This applies to municipal policy, to the advancement of common issues, and life in general.

Contact information

Niko Nyman

Candidate 196, vantaa

[email protected]

I would be happy to answer questions about my election campaign.